Healing and Empowering Women and Children

David Lynch Foundation
Women’s Health Initiative

An epidemic of violence and abuse

Domestic violence, rape and violent assault are all around us. Consider these facts:

  • One out of four women will be assaulted or raped by their spouse or intimate partner during their lifetime, and nearly 3 million children are witnesses to it every year.
  • 250,000 children are at risk of becoming survivors of sex trafficking every year.
  • In the military, 19,000 incidences of rape and sexual assault against female military personnel were recorded in 2010 alone.

Healing and empowering women and girls

To help combat the epidemic of violence and assault against women and children, the David Lynch Foundation launched a Women's Health Initiative in 2012 that offers Transcendental Meditation®, an evidence-based, alternative therapy shown to heal and empower survivors of abuse. The Initiative partners with leaders in the field of domestic violence and human trafficking across the U.S. and around the world to provide this therapy to women and children who need it most. Key findings from over 340 peer-reviewed studies include:

  • Reduced flashbacks and bad memories
  • Greater resistance to stress
  • Twice the effectiveness of conventional approaches for reducing alcoholism and substance abuse
  • 42% decrease in insomnia
  • Twice as effective as other relaxation techniques for decreasing trait anxiety
  • Improved quality of life

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Support women and girls in need

Help us bring the profound and scientifically validated mental and physical benefits of Transcendental Meditation to women and girls through Domestic Violence centers, homeless shelters and community projects worldwide.

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