HIV Wellness Initiative

Reducing stress and anxiety
and brightening the outlook of people
living with HIV/AIDS

The trauma of the diagnosis—followed by a lifetime confronting the challenges of living with HIV

We are all well aware of the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS—1.1 million are living with this crippling disease in America alone. What you may not be aware of is the power of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation® technique to profoundly heal and restore the lives of individuals who live with HIV/AIDS. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have found that TM reduces stress and stress-related disorders, such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and symptoms of PTS, while significantly improving health, resiliency and even brain functioning.

For decades, Transcendental Meditation has been used as an adjunct HIV/AIDS treatment by many individuals who must confront, on a daily basis, serious mental/emotional challenges as well as the dangers of a compromised immune system.

Evidence-based relief from the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS

Scientific research on HIV-positive individuals practicing TM has shown:

  • 51% decrease in HIV-related physical problems
  • 43% increase in vitality
  • 42% improvement in general health
  • 27% decrease in perceived stress
  • 22% improvement in emotional well being
  • 38% reduction in anxiety
  • 36% reduction in anger and hostility
  • 39% decrease in depressive symptoms

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You can help those living with HIV/AIDS

Thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS are waiting eagerly—often desperately—to gain the very real, practical benefits that come from this simple, stress-reducing, health-promoting technique. Please help support the HIV Wellness Initiative