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Events Highlights

  • HealingHealing Trauma and Transforming Lives
  • Martin Scorsese & Ray Dalio on Creativity, Meditation & Success
  • Jerry Seinfeld at DLF Change Begins Within V Gala
  • Bob Roth at Google Zeitgeist 2014
  • Bob Roth Speaks at the Prevention R3 Summit
  • Ellen DeGeneres Opens Change Begins Within III Benefit Gala
  • Paul McCartney Headlines Benefit Concert at Radio City Music Hall (Highlights)
  • Cameron DiazCameron Diaz: "TM changes everything."
  • Operation Warrior Wellness Los Angeles Press Conference
  • A Q&A Phone Call with David Lynch
  • Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Partners to Launch NYC Veterans Outreach
  • Operation Warrior Wellness News Conference
  • The Impact of TM on Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Military Conference on Overcoming PTS & Preventing Suicides (Highlights)
  • National Summit on Meditation, Resilience & the Brain
  • CNN’s Candy Crowley Anchors Benefit for Veterans & At-Risk Students
  • Soledad O'Brien Addresses DLF Forum on Healing & Empowering Women
  • Jerry Seinfeld & George Stephanopoulos talk TM on Good Morning America
  • Lindsey Adelman Studio, Design and Transcendental Meditation
  • Autism, Meditation and Stress


  • Real PTS Relief for America's Veterans
  • Afghanistan Veteran: “I Finally Felt Hope Again.”
  • “It was the Difference Between Heaven & Hell.”
  • Cadets Practice TM at a Military University
  • PTS Relief for Officers of the Law
  • Platoon SGT (Ret.) Overcomes Suicidal Thoughts through TM
  • Wounded Marines Train from the Inside with Transcendental Meditation


  • Overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Teenage Girls Rescued from Prostitution
  • TM Eases Vet’s Re-entry into Civilian Life
  • Soledad O’Brien: TM Heals Abused Women
  • Dr. Pamela Peeke: How TM Treats PTS
  • Highlights from DLF Women's Summit
  • Healing & Empowering Survivors of Violence
  • African Refugees Heal through TM
  • Healing the Inner Scars of Domestic Violence Through Meditation

Native Americans

  • President Clinton Addresses David Lynch Foundation
  • TM Treats Diabetes on Winnebago Reservation
  • Quiet Time in Reservation Schools
  • Improving American Indian Health through TM

Homeless Shelters

  • David Lynch Foundation Partners with Gettlove L.A.
  • Empowering Homeless Men in Harlem
  • Abused Teens Find Strength in a Shelter
  • Homeless Men Overcome Anger through TM
  • Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness


  • Freedom Behind Bars
  • Oregon Inmates Find Freedom from Stress
  • Senior Prison Researcher Talks about Benefits of TM
  • Prison Medical Doctor Wants TM for All Inmates


  • “My Mind Can Function Again. I Can Sleep Again. TM Has Saved Me.”
  • Bringing relief from PTS for African refugees

Success without Stress

  • Barry Zito Talks Baseball, Meditation & Life
  • Actor Hugh Jackman Discusses Risk in His Profession, the "Gotta-Gotta Mind," & TM
  • Author Tom North Shares His Story about Healing from Within
  • Jerry Seinfeld's 40+ Years of Meditation, Work in Television, & More (Full Interview)
  • Comedian Jerry Seinfeld on the Things He Loves Most (Excerpt)
  • Ringo Starr on TM, Fashion, & the PeaceRocks Campaign (Full Interview)
  • Ringo Starr on TM, Fashion, & the PeaceRocks Campaign (Highlights)
  • Experts Dr. Norman Rosenthal & Dr. Pamela Peeke Share Insights into TM (Full Interview)
  • Experts Dr. Norman Rosenthal & Dr. Pamela Peeke Share Insights into TM (Highlights)
  • Lena Dunham on TM, creativity, & problem-solving (Full Interview)
  • Lena Dunham on TM, creativity, & problem-solving (Highlights)
  • TM & Women's Heart Health with Claudia Mason & Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Daily David Lynch

  • Daily David Lynch 1: First Exposure to TM
  • Daily David Lynch 2:
    A Line on Water
  • Daily David Lynch 3: How Ideas Emerge
  • Daily David Lynch 4: Cleaning the Machine
  • Daily David Lynch 5: David's First Meditation
  • Daily David Lynch 6: Being Creative
  • Daily David Lynch 7: Success and Happiness
  • Daily David Lynch 8: The Unified Field