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MARCH 2014

"Students access their own internal power"

New Horizons School

Failing grades, truancy, and a high rate of adjudicated youth have made up the majority of New Horizons High School in New Haven, CT, for years. Dropout rates were high and many students were in jeopardy of re-entering the legal system - at least that was the situation in the past. New Horizons Principal, Maureen Branfield, had heard about the success of our Quiet Time Program and proposed a partnership. Nearly 75 students and staff have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique over the past six months. Principal Bransfield reports: “Introducing Quiet Time has given many of our students access into their own internal power thus helping them to make better decisions, not be so reactive, attend in a more productive

and focused way in school, and decrease their use of tobacco and marijuana.” Results of a comprehensive study are forthcoming.

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Reducing stress in the workplace

Reducing stress in the workplace

Yahoo Finance | February 27, 2014  

With growing concern over the epidemic of stress affecting the American workforce, Yahoo Finance interviewed DLF executive director Bob Roth on the use of Transcendental Meditation in the workplace—to reduce stress-related illness and improve creativity and performance.

Two award celebrations for one great cause

Two award celebrations

Los Angeles | Winter 2014

The Foundation honored two legends in music this Winter–Ringo Starr and legendary music producer Rick Rubin–as part of an ongoing drive to expand the Quiet Time Program in Los Angeles. David Lynch announced the launch of a “Ringo Starr Peace & Love Fund” on the occassion of the celebration.

March media report

March media report

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