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Trauma and toxic stress are at epidemic levels, undermining the lives of students, teachers, and administrators. Every two hours, a teenager dies to suicide. Among teachers, 50% will burn out within five years.

The David Lynch Foundation’s (DLF) Quiet Time Program has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. This evidence-based approach reduces psychological distress by 40%, decreases suspensions by 86%, and increases graduation rates by over 20%.

This school year, many thousands of students in 22 schools across the nation will learn the Transcendental Meditation technique. Quiet Time is a scalable and cost-effective approach to combatting the epidemic of stress and violence that pervades too many of our schools.

“I was amazed to see an immediate shift in some of the students’ overall demeanor," said a 6th grade public school math and science teacher in Los Angeles. "They seem more calm and clear. And they are all so enthusiastic about participating. I’m grateful to be able to provide this to all my students.”

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HOW YOU CAN HELP: In this new school year, invest in the future – the educators, scientists, engineers, artists, and business leaders of tomorrow. Donate today to help share the life-transforming benefits of this simple technique with students who need it most.

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3,400 students taught this year in 22 schools

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