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Ellen DeGeneres on the TM technique

“TM is the only time I have that stillness... it gives me this peaceful feeling and I love it so much. I can’t say enough good things about it. All the benefits that you can achieve from sitting still and going within, it really is a beautiful experience. David Lynch is such a wonderful man to start this foundation to help people.”


For too many urban students, drugs, gangs, and violence are a distressing yet inevitable part of their everyday lives. Because of these high-stress conditions, thousands of at-risk schools have predictable problems, including poor attendance and performance, and high dropout and violence rates.

Fortunately, the TM/Quiet Time program breaks this predictive trend and has turned around some of the nation’s most troubled schools, boosting GPA, test scores, and graduation rates.

One prime example funded by the David Lynch Foundation, Visitacion Valley Middle School, was recently profiled by the George Lucas Educational Foundation’s prestigious video series, Schools That Work:

"Surrounded by poverty and escalating violence, a San Francisco middle school committed to peace and embraced a program of meditation that has made students feel safer and teachers more productive, and has brought unity and purpose to the school."

TM combats diabetes on a Native American reservation

A recent news story in the national American Indian publication, Indian Country Today, documents how Transcendental Meditation is addressing the epidemic of diabetes on the Winnebago reservation in Nebraska, thanks to the generous support of David Lynch Foundation donors.

The positive results of research on meditating Winnebago tribal members with diabetes makes a compelling case for widespread adoption of the TM program on reservations, since a staggering 70% of American Indians suffer from diabetes. FULL STORY

At-risk populations desperately need tools to heal traumatic stress and promote resilience and health. Your generous support will help to continue and expand the David Lynch Foundation’s evidence-based programs for transforming mind, body, and behavior. HOW YOU CAN HELP

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