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Since the publication of Transcendence, there have been such significant developments and novel observations in the area of Transcendental Meditation that I am pleased to share with you all. I have taken the opportunity to unveil these developments in a new chapter, which has recently been published in the latest version of Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation [paperback].

I am happy to be writing as a guest blogger for the David Lynch Foundation. This is an ideal forum from which to share the news of this updated version of Transcendence.


New York Times-best-seller Transcendence (2:43)

So, what are some of the highlights of the new chapter?

I was surprised by all the developments in the world of TM just in the one year since Transcendence was published. I summarize these changes in a totally new chapter, called ''After Transcendence.'' Here are some of the highlights of that chapter:


1. Other groups not mentioned in the hardcover version who might benefit from TM include people with:

  • Insomnia
  • Migraines and other pain syndromes
  • Tics, tremors and movement disorders
  • Seasonal affective disorder and the Winter Blues
  • Food addictions
  • Autism spectrum disorder

I provide gripping stories of people in all these categories, as well as explanations for how TM might help such a widely divergent group of conditions.


2. Embracing Transcendental Meditation in business and athletics

Businesses are seeking out TM for their personnel as a way of boosting performance and promoting leadership. It is likely that the brain coherence that occurs when people practice TM is responsible for greater clear-headedness and improved decision-making. The relief of stress helps people remain cool-headed and thoughtful, both critical qualities for people in the high-pressure worlds of business and athletics.


3. A caveat and a promise

The hardcover version of Transcendence contained so many descriptions of people who had dramatic experiences during meditation that I wanted to reassure those who did not have these four-star special effects that they could still derive tremendous benefits from the practice. Here’s how I end the new chapter.

''For most people . . . myself included, the effects of TM are subtle and gradual, but cumulative. Yet as the rippling waters of a stream can smooth the edges of the sharpest stone, so can the gentle flow of meditation alter the shape and contours of a person’s life.''

If you wish to download sample chapters of Transcendence, please visit here.

Wishing you Light & Transcendence,


Doctor Norm