APRIL 2013

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David Lynch Foundation Donate Now new research: tm reduces symptoms of ptsd among african refugees

“The problem is horrible—but the solution is simple, rapid and
—Bill Duke,
actor and
director; Ambassador for
the Africa PTSD
Relief Project

Bill Duke
Congolese war refugees find peacethrough the TM technique

Tens of millions of people throughout Africa have been the victims of terrible acts of violence and warfare. Displaced from their homes and families, they live under the dark shadow of these horrific events, often suffering from acute levels of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Now, a new study, published this month in the Journal of Traumatic Stress, reveals that the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique can help refugees heal from the hidden wounds of war. In just 30 days, 21 refugees of the Democratic Republic of the Congo exhibited reductions in PTSD symptoms to non-symptomatic levels, while controls experienced an increase in symptoms. Four and a half months later, the TM group had maintained their improvements, but controls continued to experience high levels of distress.

“I congratulate
the David Lynch Foundation
for their great
work in bringing
relief through TM
to those who
need it the most
in the world.”
Simmons, hip-hop
pioneer and
DLF advocate


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Meditating refugees report breakthrough levels of relief

Sudanese refugee Esperance Ndozishares her story of transformation

“Before learning to meditate, I used to wake up at midnight and remember when I was raped and tortured,” said Esperance Ndozi, a Sudanese refugee who participated in the study. “Now that I meditate, I feel like it happened to a different woman—not to me. I am a free woman.”


The Africa PTSD Relief Project is a DLF-sponsored initiative to bring the TM technique to one million African refugees—and scientifically validate the results.

“For too many people in the West, the suffering of Esperance and millions of other abused women and children in Africa is, sadly, just a statistic. But they are not numbers. Their suffering is real and they live a nightmare,” said David Lynch. “My hope is that the dramatic results of this new study will ensure the necessary financial support to bring this meditation to everyone in need in Africa and around the world.”

Based on the promising results of the initial research, the Foundation moves to scale up the program to bring TM to ten thousand refugees over the next two years.

“The problem is horrible—but the solution is simple, rapid and effective,” said Bill Duke, award-winning actor and director who serves as Ambassador for the Africa PTSD Relief Project. “Please consider giving today and share the healing benefits of Transcendental Meditation with the people in Africa who need it most.”

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