Help Heal Hidden Wounds of War

Kevin's Story

“Kevin used to have ‘stress sleeps’ where he would speak combat in his sleep. He would say things like, ‘Stand behind me bro—I am bigger than you; I can take a bigger blast.’ He used to wake up in the closet. He used to dodge trash bags in the street thinking they were IEDs. But ever since TM, that has all stopped, completely.” –Vicki, wife of Kevin, an Iraq war veteran

How You Can Help

Of our nation’s 2.5 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, one in three has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Of these, only one in four will receive adequate treatment. On any given night, up to 300,000 veterans of all wars are homeless and 22 die from suicide every day.

This Veterans Day, give the gift of peace to those who suffer the hidden wounds of war. The Transcendental Meditation technique can reduce symptoms of PTS by nearly half within eight weeks, allowing veterans and their family members to return to happy and successful lives.

Help support veterans and their families like Kevin and Vicki.

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