The Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) is located in an area known as “East of the (Anacostia) River” which is comprised of Washington D.C.’s Wards 7 and 8. It is managed by Building Bridges Across the River, a D.C.-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. It is the largest social service, multi-sector, nonprofit collaboration in America. The David Lynch Foundation is a resident partner on THEARC’s West Campus and operates The Meditation Center @ THEARC.

The Meditation Center (TMC) @ THEARC opened its doors in January 2018 to address the epidemic of stress and trauma which undermines the health and well-being of residents in Wards 7 and 8. TMC serves youth, adults, and seniors by offering Transcendental Meditation® (TM) courses.

In addition, TMC partners with the 13 other community service organizations at THEARC to train their staff and clients in the Transcendental Meditation technique. TMC @ THEARC is in full support of THEARC’s mission of improving the quality of life of southeast Washington residents and revitalizing the whole community.

What is Transcendental Meditation (TM)?

  • Simple, natural, effortless technique
  • 20 minutes, twice a day
  • Practiced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed
  • Not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle
  • No special tools needed

What Happens When You Meditate?

  • Transcendental Meditation allows the active thinking mind to settle inward
  • Experience a naturally calm, peaceful level of awareness
  • Spontaneously experience quieter levels of thought
  • Enjoy rejuvenating rest of the mind and body

Transcendental Meditation Benefits

  • Reduced stress, anger, and depression
  • Lower blood pressure, decreased high cholesterol and 48% reduction in heart attack and stroke
  • Increased focus
  • Improved sleep
  • Twice the effectiveness of conventional approaches for reducing alcoholism and substance abuse
  • Reduced flashbacks and bad memories
  • Improved relationships and quality of life

How Do You Learn Transcendental Meditation?

  • TM is taught in a personal course of instruction by a specially-trained, certified teacher.

TM Course Fee at THEARC

Our goal and commitment as a resident partner at THEARC is to make the TM technique available to everyone within the Ward 7 & 8 communities, including family and friends of THEARC and its agency partners. Course instruction costs are on a sliding scale based on household income.

Ideal Academy

DLF supports the school-wide “Quiet Time” program at the Ideal Academy Public Charter School in the District, which was first implemented in 2004. Quiet Time provides students, faculty, and administrators with two 15-minute periods of Transcendental Meditation each day to help balance their lives and improve their readiness to teach and learn. The Quiet Time program complements existing educational strategies by improving the physiological underpinnings of learning and behavior. Dr. George Rutherford was the first principal in America to introduce the Quiet Time program into a public school—the Fletcher Johnson Learning Center in D.C.—in 1994, and the success of that original program has led to more than 500,000 students participating in Quiet Time in 35 countries.