It's back to school time

Too many young people face toxic levels of stress and trauma in their lives — and attend schools that are breeding grounds of tension and violence. The result? An epidemic of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep deprivation, and declining academic performance.


25% Teens suffering from anxiety disorders
18% High school students reporting taking a weapon to school
20% Students reporting being bullied on school property

“Stress creates problems in students. Remove the stress, and you have peace... Quiet Time is the key to changing the lives of not only our students but the community.”

– Dr. George Rutherford,
Principal, Ideal Academy, Washington, D.C.

The Quiet Time approach is simple and evidence-based: 15 minutes, twice a day, can transform a child’s life now—and in the future.

The David Lynch Foundation's Quiet Time program has demonstrated that children and teens who practice the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique are healthier, happier, more focused, and enjoy higher academic performance than non-meditating students. TM serves as a lifelong tool for success.

Schools need and deserve Quiet Time. Will you help provide access to this invaluable tool for achieving focus, confidence, and improved academic performance?


25% Increase in graduation rates
40% Reduction in psychological distress in students
86% Decrease in school-wide suspensions

“I was bullied at my school. I would have trouble sleeping and I couldn’t focus on my classes. After learning TM, I instantly felt whole and happier... I’ve had straight A’s all year.”

– Kezia,
participant in the Quiet Time program

Quiet Time improves a student’s academic performance and quality of life. But more than that, better educated young people means social and economic benefits for the whole community, including less crime, a healthier workforce, and more successful leaders.

Please help bring quiet time to students who need to meditate the most

Just $200 will ensure that a young person can learn to meditate this school year—and receive a lifetime of support.

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