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Ed Schloeman, CMS (Ret.) NYANG and National Co-Chair of Operation Warrior Wellness


On Monday, February 4th, Operation Warrior Wellness hosted a luncheon conference on “Overcoming PTSD and Preventing Suicide: An Evidence-based Approach through Meditation in the Military” at the New York Athletic Club in New York City. The conference followed new reports that 22 veterans die from suicide every day.

At the conference, combat veterans—P-51 fighter pilot Jerry Yellin, CMS (Ret.) Ed Schloeman and Afghanistan War veteran Luke Jensen—shared moving accounts of their personal battles with PTSD and, in Mr. Jensen’s case, close brushes with suicide. These men were able to triumph over terrible invisible wounds through twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Richard W. Schneider
Norwich University President Richard W. Schneider presents on TM and resilience.

Compelling testimony from a panel of experts that included Rear Admiral (Ret.) Richard Schneider, President of Norwich University; Marguerite Meyer, Ed.D., Director of Norwich University's Academic Achievement Center; Robert Cancro, M.D., Chairman Emeritus of NYU Langone Medical Center; and Gary Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neurology at Hofstra University confirmed that the experiences of these courageous men are not unique. In fact, two studies performed on OEF/OIF and Vietnam War veterans found that PTSD symptoms dropped by nearly half in both populations.

Further, preliminary results from ongoing research at Norwich University finds that TM increases constructive thinking, improves emotional health and develops greater resilience in future officers.

The compelling data and moving accounts presented at the conference have inspired several national publications to help raise awareness about TM for veterans. For example, see the Bloomberg Businessweek account of the February 4 conference.

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CAMBODIA Credit: Somaly Mam by Michael Angelo


The David Lynch Foundation has forged an exciting new partnership with the Somaly Mam Foundation, an organization combating human trafficking in Southeast Asia and worldwide.

Somaly Mam was sold at a young age and endured years of exploitation and abuse in the brothels of Cambodia. But she escaped, and vowed never to forget those she left behind. Since 1996, Somaly has aided tens of thousands of victims in knowing their rights and having a voice in their lives, and her holistic shelters for recovery and skills training support hundreds of women and children each year in building new lives of emotional and economic strength. In 2007, two young Americans founded the Somaly Mam Foundation to support these shelters, empower survivors as agents of next-generation change, and engage governments, corporations, and individuals in the fight to end slavery.

Over the past six months, the David Lynch Foundation has worked closely with the Somaly Mam Foundation to provide Transcendental Meditation to 200 residents, staff, and administrators in Somaly's three Cambodian shelters. Since learning the technique, the girls report significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts; increased calm, happiness, and peace of mind; and improved memory, clarity of thinking, and focus.

Over the coming months, DLF will continue to provide TM instruction to more young women as they are rescued from the brothels and begin their new lives through the shelter’s support and care.

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CAMBODIA Credit: Young leaders by Hayley Welgus

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