Helping Mothers with Perinatal Anxiety Disorder

by Bibi Tran on October 17, 2014
The Seleni Institute Awards DLF to research TM's effectiveness for perinatal anxiety.

The Seleni Institute partners with DLF to research TM’s effectiveness for perinatal anxiety treatment.

Perinatal anxiety, a mood disorder linked to pregnancy, affects between 10-20% of women, according to the NY State Department of Health.

The Seleni Institute, a nonprofit organization founded by George and Nitzia Logothetis in 2011 to transform mental health and wellness for the women of the world, is partnering with the David Lynch Foundation to launch the “Perinatal Mental Health Research Award,” a $30,000 grant to study the effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation technique for perinatal anxiety treatment and prevention.

“We are committed to increasing the number of evidence-based tools to improve perinatal mental health and are therefore thrilled to partner with the David Lynch Foundation as we explore whether Transcendental Mediation has a positive impact on anxiety during pregnancy,” says Ms. Logothetis, who also serves as executive chairwoman of the Seleni Institute.

Perinatal anxiety symptoms can include panic attacks, hyperventilation, excessive worry, restless sleep, and repeated thoughts or images of frightening things happening to the baby.

In addition to contributing funds to the Research Award, the David Lynch Foundation will deliver TM instruction to all study participants.

DLF executive director Bob Roth explains, “Past independent studies of Transcendental Meditation have demonstrated its efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety, and we’re committed to investigating whether it brings the same benefits to bear for perinatal mental health. Women deserve a full complement of options if they find themselves dealing with stress and anxiety during pregnancy.”

The Seleni Institute Perinatal Mental Health Research Award seeks to improve the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive and maternal mental health disorders by supporting innovative research of the highest quality and relevance.

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  1. I am pregnant 34 weeks 5 days . I had had seious trouble during my pregnancy from dehydration to domestic violence.
    It was an unwanted pregnancy and happened that during bad times , dehydration, I transfered with my family from italy to malta. And it was worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abortion is illegal in Malta, which made go mad because I felt like dying!!! anxiety led me to domestic violence that I cause my self and ended a victim of it .
    I have an appointement tomorrow to fix a date for a cesarien!!!!! I am scared !!

    kodes sboui

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