Sky Sings for Transcendental Meditation

by Bibi Tran on July 11, 2014
David Lynch Foundation presents Sky Ferreira at Music Hall of Williamsburg!

Sky Ferreira and the David Lynch Foundation
at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

On Wednesday evening, July 9, creative synth-pop, indie-rock

"How could you know what it feels like o be outside yourself?

“How could you know what it feels like to be outside yourself?”
I Blame Myself by Sky Ferreira

singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira performed an amazing concert at the Williamsburg Music Hall before a SRO crowd of 700 people to benefit the community outreaches of the David Lynch Foundation. For 75 minutes, Sky sang piece after piece from her critically-acclaimed album, Night Time My Time, including, “I Blame Myself,” “Everything is Embarrassing,” and “You’re Not the One.” The spirited, exuberant crowd  sang and danced to blue and magenta luminescent lights and fog.


Brooklyn band, DIIV opened for Sky Ferreira

Produced and hosted by DLF Live, the production wing of the David Lynch Foundation, the evening opened with a compelling, emotionally-charged video showcasing the DLF’s work to bring the healing and peace-promoting benefits of Transcendental Meditation to at-risk populations, including women who are survivors of domestic violence, youth in underserved schools, and veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress. The concert then opened with DIIV, an American indie-rock band based in Brooklyn.

“Everything is true to me.”
Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira

Sky, who celebrated her twenty-second birthday the day before, began her set by praising the work of the David Lynch Foundation and voiced appreciation for the benefits she has gained from TM in her own life.

Commented Erik Martin, co-executive producer of DLF Live: “We are so honored that Sky chose to support the David Lynch Foundation with her musical talent and that she so eloquently shared the benefits of TM with her fans. It was an amazing night!”

Added Jessica Wisk, also a DLF Live co-executive producer: “We were so happy to hear Sky tell her fans about how she hasn’t missed a meditation since learning, and how it’s positively impacted her life.”

Proceeds from the concert are being used to fund the DLF’s Transcendental Meditation programs in New York City and worldwide.


“Through a city of lights, love at first sight”
 – You’re Not The One by Sky Ferreira


Learn More:

Visit DLF Live
Visit Sky Ferreira’s Tumblr
Photo Credit to Jamie Jung

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