“Meditation Sessions a Hit in Dysfunctional Congress” – New York Post

by Mario Orsatti on November 11, 2014

PastedGraphic-1The widespread success of the David Lynch Foundation’s programs for veterans with PTSD and other at-risk groups has helped inspire a congressional leader to organize meditation sessions for people working in Congress.

Emily Smith of the New York Post recently reported that:

“Meditation sessions have become a wildly popular pastime in Congress ahead of votes, although the practice is far more common among Democrats than Republicans.

Rep. Tim Ryan began organizing two weekly meditation sessions at the start of the 113th Congress almost two years ago. One session is open to staff and one to members of Congress, which Ohio Democrat Ryan calls the ‘Quiet Time Caucus.’

“These are held from 6 to 6:30 p.m. before votes begin each week the House is in session.

PastedGraphic-3“Ryan told the reporter at the NY Post that he’s trying to persuade more members to join.

“‘The more staffers on the Hill who are meditating, the more it will help Congress…. It is not something you can force somebody to do. We have teachers come in who teach different forms of meditation, mostly people who are working with veterans. Meditation has proven very helpful in getting veterans off their medications. We have Vietnam vets who say they haven’t had a good night’s sleep for years before this.'”

The NY Post also reported that:

PastedGraphic-2“The trend’s already caught on with hedge-fund moguls from Dan Loeb to Ray Dalio (who says it makes him feel like “a ninja in a fight”) and Hollywood players including Martin Scorsese.

“Ryan believes meditation can also help politicians be better at their jobs, explaining, “There is a value in having some quiet time before votes — it can help anyone make better decisions.”

As for shaping political arguments and perhaps even getting dysfunctional Congress to work together better, “Instead of overreacting to situations, it can help create a bit of space between a thought going off and that thought being verbalized.” And he hopes it could make Congress start to work together across the aisles: ‘Hopefully, it will give everybody a bit of courage and create more thoughtful arguments.’

“President Barack Obama has yet to join a session, but Ryan gave him a copy of his book, ‘A Mindful Nation.’

“Ryan recalled, ‘The president said, ‘This is about getting in the right mindset. I think that’s something that we could all do with.’”

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Treating PTSD with Transcendental Meditation

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photo_staff_orsattiMario Orsatti is Co-Director of DLF’s Center for Leadership Performance (CLP), and has been teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique since 1973. In addition to teaching TM to business professionals here in NYC, he has helped direct TM centers in Washington, DC, Boston, Berkeley, Denver, and Hong Kong. Mario’s work with the David Lynch Foundation has included helping direct projects that bring TM to individuals recovering from homelessness, PTSD, and to teenagers dealing with learning disorders.

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