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by Bibi Tran on September 22, 2014

The David Lynch Foundation recently partnered with the Center for Leadership Performance (CLP) to bring Transcendental Meditation to CEOs and other leaders of the New York business community. Demand for the technique is gaining considerable traction. In recent months, hundreds of professionals have learned to meditate through the CLP office in New York City. They are also recommending the technique to their family members and colleagues and are even incorporating it into their company executive training and wellness programs. The reason is simple: Stress is the number one cause of workplace sickness, health care costs, and absenteeism. TM is a highly effective and cost-efficient tool for overcoming stress, promoting health, and maintaining balance in the face of an ever-changing marketplace and fast-paced work environments.

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Bob Roth talks about TM at Google Zeitgeist.

One clear sign of this growing interest was the invitation Bob Roth received to address this year’s prestigious “Google Zeitgeist,” which was held on September 14 to 16 in Phoenix. (Keynote speakers included former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Google Chair Eric Schmidt.) Bob presented the evidence-based benefits of Transcendental Meditation to 400 of the world’s top government, business and thought leaders. He also spoke about the work of the David Lynch Foundation to bring TM to at-risk populations.


When we sit and meditate, we make better decisions, have better judgment, better planning, we are more ourselves.”  — Bob Roth

“Research has demystified a technique that for me was never mystical—but practical and down-to-earth. I can sit down, close my eyes, and within a few minutes access a level of rest and relaxation in my body that research shows is deeper than many parts of the deepest part of the deep sleep. This deep rest reduces levels of the ‘stress’ hormone cortisol by 30% and markedly increases the ‘happiness’ neurotransmitter serotonin,” Bob said. “According to the American Heart Association, the practice of TM reduces blood pressure more effectively than any other meditation or relaxation technique and on par with first line antihypertensive medication—without any hazardous side effects.”

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Visit the Center for Leadership Performance
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  1. I love practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. Here is My Four Noble Truths of TM:
    1.) The practice of Transcendental Meditation is effortless.
    2.) TM is effortless and yet it has tremendous positive impact—on the body, the mind, on performance, on behavior and the emotions.
    3.) The way that TM is taught is brilliant and without comparison in the world. The TM course is like a multi-faceted jewel, and every facet reflects on one single point: Effortlessness during meditation.
    4.) Through the effects of TM, one single person, experiencing a deep state of coherence can have tremendous environmental impact–giving deep peace and silence to many, many, other people, without them having any idea how it is happening.
    So that was my 4 Noble truths of TM. TM is a real blessing and is much better that you could imagine.

    Lewis Wilson
    • i love TM, i find my self and my healthy from there, when nature support me to jain TTC that blessing for my life and everyone in Bali,,
      jai guru dev, jai maharishi,, we always said jai guru dev

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  4. Thank you for sharing your Four Noble Truths of TM – I like them and concur!

    Lesley Hallows
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  8. hai Dear i m verythankful to U bcz of u we have a mountain like dream

    Dr Bhupendra singh
  9. i m DR singh n strongly supporter of this

    Dr Bhupendra singh
  10. very nice one

    solomon gichuki
  11. An advocate/practitioner of TM from the early 1940’s. Recipient of many adult reprimands because of their ignorance. It was only until my Grandmother noticed my pastime and asked me about it did I find out that I was “trancing”. She had been doing this for many years. Of Czechoslovakian gypsy heritage, she was introduced to the practice as a child. Surprised that I had discovered the ability on my own, she supported and assisted me in understanding the methods and full potential of this ritual. I’m 72 years of age now. Have honed my TM skills far beyond any expectations I may have had. Originally, a method of relaxation during idle times, developed into abilities of mental reception and character identification. These abilities are automatic, thought processes are unnecessary. I can attain a level of “trance” in seconds. Depending on the purpose of the “trance”, it can be instantaneous. I use “trancing” as easily as my other senses.
    After my Grandmother passed, I never had reason to talk about my technique with anyone. After explaining these methods to a close friend, he asked to bring him on board. Months later, he was enjoying some of the basic benefits.
    Some of his comments were: “It’s like being in a place that you don’t want to leave” and “Be very careful, not everyone should have this knowledge.”
    Does any of this sound similar to the experiences encountered in your TM usage?
    Do you use your version of TM strictly for relaxation?

    Stan Zielinski
  12. I’d be pleased to make a French translation of this beautiful video, but it would be very much easier for me with the complete transcript … ? Thanks a lot to share with forreign languages 🙂

  13. This is sage advise and wisdom from one of the great American saints of all time. Bobby is doing more for the country than any politician. He deserves support from every sector of society.

    atmanand douglas

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