Huffington Post: David Lynch’s Mission to Change the World

by Bibi Tran on December 09, 2014
David Lynch with Marianne Schnall.

David Lynch with Huffington Post writer Marianne Schnall.

“Mankind was not meant to suffer — bliss is our nature. The individual is cosmic. Let’s rock,” said film director David Lynch, during an interview with Marianne Schnall, published in Huffington Post today. This rare, feature-length interview delves deeply into David’s personal experience with Transcendental Meditation and his mission to alleviate stress and trauma through bringing the technique to those who need it most.

David reveals that his first inspiration to start the Foundation came from wanting to stop violence in schools. He says “I started hearing about students bringing guns to school and then more and more through the years, about more and more violence in schools, metal detectors, no learning, fights in the school, a lot of depression, a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, a lot of illegal drugs — the whole thing that by now everybody’s heard about. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if students knew about Transcendental Meditation? And one thing led to another and this foundation got born in 2005.”

IMG-61David feels Transcendental Meditation can help reduce the negativity that so many young people and adults struggle to cope with: “I always say this negativity that we live under is like the suffocating rubber clown suit of negativity. This clown suit starts to dissolve when you transcend every day. And this gives a person a huge freedom.

112712 trans meditation_silverman_40“Surface cures are not going to get rid of the torment that’s inside the students or the vets or the prisoners or anyone suffering from this torment. Drugs cover it over, but they don’t get rid of it. When a human being is transcending every day that torment dissolves. It lifts away,” David says.

Through the work of David’s Foundation, more than 500,000 adults and children around the world have been positively impacted through the twice-daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.

“I’ve seen so many cases where lives have been transformed for the good and heard so many stories about this,” David says. “This technique of Transcendental Meditation really works for the human being.”

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  1. I’ve been a TM meditator since high school, when I learned in 1976. The regular, effortless practice has helped me immensely, in both personal and professional life. As a psychotherapist, it has helped keep me stay clear and calm over the past 32 years, working with people in psychological disrepair and crisis. We say that if TM were a drug, every doctor would prescribe it, because it works on every condition and has no side effects. But it takes time-20 minutes of practice twice per day. If you’re looking for instant fix, you will notice a resonating calm after practicing, but the real benefit is a shift over time that globally influences your happiness and well-being quotient. If your’e interested in that, TM is definately for you.

    David Bolton
  2. The single parent mum needs HELP she wants her 15 year old son to take shelter of David Lynch Foundation before he is totally gone…………..he was bulliyed for five years while in school now he dropped out for fear. Mother cannot reach him. disobedience,doing what he wants,cuts school,the school system wants to take over and charge mum for sons behavior. What the boy needs is TM. Please help we live in SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Send application to us via email, on location sites for TM information.

    Save Our Youths

    M. Ward

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A message from David Lynch

I started Transcendental Meditation in 1973 and have not missed a single meditation ever since. Twice a day, every day. It has given me effortless access to unlimited reserves of energy, creativity and happiness deep within.

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