About Erik Martin

In 2006, Erik learned about the magic of quinoa from the "special features" segment on David Lynch's Inland Empire DVD. He currently obsesses over music, film, art, and food. After years serving as Director of Programming for The Shedd in Oregon and as National Booking Director for Opus 3 Artists, Erik is thrilled to be Executive Producer of DLF Live, the charitable events production division of the David Lynch Foundation.

Finding Enlightenment through Music and Meditation

by Erik Martin on October 24, 2014
I’m a music guy and a David Lynch fanatic. I not only know his films deeply, but I’m also intimately familiar with Twin Peaks, his interviews, paintings, music, sound design, weather forecasts… all of it. And then there’s Dumbland, perhaps his most jarring work. I remember  seeing it...
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A message from David Lynch

I started Transcendental Meditation in 1973 and have not missed a single meditation ever since. Twice a day, every day. It has given me effortless access to unlimited reserves of energy, creativity and happiness deep within.

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